Construction and design of solar power plants on the ground and on roofs, with a warranty period and customer support. By using solar energy, individuals and legal entities provide themselves with cost reduction, savings, but also reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Our engineering is at your disposal for all kinds of advice about your project, help with the realization of your idea, turnkey projects or you can buy the elements of the system you want. You can also buy solar street lighting from us.


Our partner whose solar panels we install is   Turkish factory with enviable experience in the production of solar panels, projects around the world, is a world leader in the production of solar panels and the closest factory to Serbia, with a minimum delivery time.

We often organize a tour of the factory in order to get acquainted with the latest technologies and all processes of production of solar panels, we invite you to join us in the tour, we will be glad to have you as our guest. Applications to

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